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At Lash POP  gorgeous custom lash sets are created.  We have the capacity to give you all the drama your heart desires or a very natural flirty look for everyday. We only use high quality products and our lashes out perform others in their retention.

We uphold the integrity of the natural eyelashes by applying appropriate  extensions that best suit your natural lashes. Whether your requesting show stoppers or a light mascara look you shouldn't feel weighed down by your lashes. They should feel light, comfortable and easy to comb through. Everyone is a good candidate for eyelash extensions. 


Prior to coming in for your appointment  we politely ask that you:

Cleanse your face and eyes thoroughly with an oil free cleanser prior to your arrival. This ensures maximum lashing time and longer retention of your lash locks!

Lashes must be dry for proper application. Please do not work out or sweat prior to your appointment.

First time clients- Consultations required for all services offered. Please arrive 15+minutes early for appropriate forms.

Please do not use any facial moisturizers prior to your appointment. Arrive squeaky clean please.


Finally, arrive extremely exited for the services you are about to receive.


After your appointment we politely ask you

Please do not wet your lashes for 12-24 hours. This includes: exercising, steam room, showering and absolutely NO crying. (No drama for at least ever :-)  This increases lash life.

Contrary to belief cleansing your lashes will increase their longevity. Cleansing with a lash cleanser and utilizing a soft eye shadow brush in downward movements is a best practice. Your lashes will love you for it!

Please comb your lash locks daily to keep extensions uniform and hair follicles stimulated. Do not comb lashes when wet wait for them to dry and style as usual. Always comb your lash locks with a mascara wand instead of your fingers for styling.



MEGA Volume $300

Mega Volume Full Set of lashes

This set is for those who want a black out lash line with lots of drama.

QUEEN- $250 Lash POP signature set  

Volume Full Set of lashes

Volume fans are applied to the entire eye to create a very full yet lightweight lash look.


SOFIA- $200

Hybrid Full Set of lashes

This set is the best of both worlds!  Classic and volume lashes combined to create a very full fluffy and defined lash look. 


BETTY- $150

Classic Full Set lashes

One extension is applied to one natural eyelash for a full defined mascara look.


MEGA Volume 3 week fill  $170

MEGA Volume 2 week fill  $120

QUEEN Volume 2 week fill  $90 Lash POP signature fill

QUEEN Volume  3 week fill  $110


SOFIA Hybrid 2 week fill  $80 

SOFIA Hybrid 3 week  fill  $100

BETTY Classic 2 week fill  $70

BETTY Classic 3 week fill  $90


LASH ADDICT weekly fill  $60

*You know who you are* Weekly fills are for established clients and do not replace 2+week fills.

LASH Lift + Tint $60

LASH Tint $30 


BOSS BROWS Lamination + Tint + Wax $60

Brow Tint + Wax $40


Brow Wax  $20

Under Arms  $25

Upper Lip  $10

Nose  $10



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